Venturing into E-Pub

Coming from a musical family, I have always sung in choruses and even done some musical theater. As a result, I have been privileged to meet some wonderful people and have some memorable experiencs. I put together I Guess I’ll Keep My Day Job: Memoirs of a Sometime Singer to capture those stories in essay form. They are available on Kindle for a nominal fee.

I Guess I'll Keep My Day Job
I Guess I’ll Keep My Day Job

Self or self-sacrifice?

Let there be no doubt. I love, love, love the books of Stephanie Laurens. I got a copy of The Lady Risks All a while back since I am one of the original Avon Addicts. It took the enforced leisure of a head cold to get me to start it at last. It didn’t disappoint.

Who could resist a gambling king who has a higher moral code than those who look down upon him? Or a heroine who is smart enough and brave enough to take the final step into womanhood no matter what society may think?