Get on the bus, Gus

It is ironic that I now live on an island that has bus service once a week. Yes, it’s Thursday, so today’s the day. As if that weren’t pitiful enough, the county tries to do away with that lone bus every year. A couple years back, they even held a hearing on the subject. Several elderly ladies who were regular riders showed up to protest. They carried the day, but only just.

The irony comes in because I had recurring dreams for years that I was riding on a bus and couldn’t get off or didn’t know where my stop was. I knew enough about dream analysis to recognize this was a metaphor for my life. Back in Pittsburgh, a place urbanized enough to have public transit, I spent many an hour shivering waiting for a bus and many an hour jammed into a seriously overcrowded bus when it finally arrived.

I don’t know which I am more grateful for, the fact that the bus dreams ceased or the fact that I no longer have to take a bus even once a week.

An avalanche of junk food

I fell off the diet wagon with a resounding thump this week. First it was not one but two cookies at a not terribly interesting seminar I had to attend at work. Then it snowballed. The next day, it was Crunchy Cheetos for dinner because I went straight from my day job to the first night of the class I’m teaching for the next seven weeks. ;Yesterday I bought doughnut holes and had several of them for breakfast today with really awful instant coffee I was forced to drink because my coffee maker died and I haven’t had time to buy a new one. As Lucy Ricardo would say,” Waaaaahhhh!”
Well, the rest of the doughnut holes will be calling my name until I finish them off. I am not about to throw them away. I hope when Monday roles around I will locate my lost motivation.

Style over substance

I have been pondering this over the past week. I guess it is inevitable that attractive people have an easier time of it in the world and that older male movie stars will generally take up with women half their age. (Why, Kevin? Why?)

What I don’t get is how someone can repeatedly do business with a person who is all talk and no action. Or why they fawn over a charming lightweight instead of someone more serious in demeanor who has far more credibility and dependability.