Broadway Baby

I never, ever miss the Tony Awards. Haven’t been to NYC in many years, but I still want to know what’s playing. This is one year when I particularly wish a trip was in my future. Follies is my favorits show of all time. And Jesus Christ Superstar is right up there too.

My favorite parts of the Tonys, of course, are the numbers from the nominated musicals. The singing is fabulous and the dancing even better. How wonderful it must be to have such talent.

A new set of rules

I just finished reading a delightful book, Ada’s Rules by Alice Randall.  The story is of an African-American preacher’s wife who decides to reinvent herself. Not my usual style, and I thank the  Tell Me More program on NPR for bringing it to my attention. This is a genre unto itself, a diet novel, or as the subtitle says “a sexy skinny novel.”  I am typing myself a copy of said rules and embracing as many of them as I can. My favorite is “Self-medicate with art.”

Weight loss or lack thereof

Wow. How did it get to be June already?

Spent some time in May with a flu bug. Immediate and gratifying weight loss that disappeared as soon as I could eat again.  Other than that, the diet attempt is disappointing. I am faithfully logging calories each day. I am being reasonably honest too.

I get sporadic exercise dancing. I’ve even added some arm exercises with weights. Obviously, I need to get more activity in my day, but how? And when? Why wasn’t I born tall and skinny?