Growing up with the library habit

  My mother instilled a valuable habit into me when I was probably no more than three years old. We lived within walking distance of this library and visited once a week. The building also houses an auditorium, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium. I never set foot in the gym or pool and only entered the auditorium once when I was a senior in high school. The building at that time was black with a century of steel mill dust. It has since been sand blasted to reveal its true outer beauty. But nothing could have made the inside more beautiful to me. At age ten or so, in the children’s department, I discovered Little Women and read all of the other books by Louisa May Alcott. One of my happiest days was when I was finally old enough to venture into the “adult” section to check out books shelved there. The first one I checked out was Gone With the Wind. I still use my library card about once a week, sometimes more.

Grammar police

I caught an interview on NPR the other day with two young African American men who were both the editors of their respective school newspapers. This was a first in both of these schools. I am certainly in favor of having diverse opinions in media; however, I was horrified when both of these editors made grammatical errors as the interview progressed. I corrected the first mistake out loud as I drove along. When the second man misspoke, I confess I had to yell at the radio. One hopes the grammar in their writing is better than that in their speech. Maybe I am just old and cranky, but I wouldn’t continue reading their papers for very long or give them much credibility if they couldn’t use proper grammar.