I love a parade






This is what passes for entertainment in my neighborhood, the annual parade. Oh, how I miss city life.

Speaking in tongues

The Symphonic Chorale is rehearsing two works in German and a third in Latin. Now, I took Latin 1, 2, and 4 in high school. (Our school didn’t have enough students for a separate third and fourth year so we were all lumped together. But I digress.) Now I find out that the pronunciation I’ve used in singing for thirty years or so is German Latin. My current conductor lived in Rome and demands Italian Latin. Still, the switch from doh-nah to don-nah is manageable enough.

The German is another story. Tim recites the words and we singers parrot them back as best we can. Every time we do this , I am reminded of the scene in Lilies of the Field where Sidney Poitier tries to teach the nuns to speak English. Hilarious.

Unfinished projects

I started a list the other day and realized I have seven, count ’em, seven novels started. And zero finished. I am always in major procrastinating mode. Then I come up with yet another good premise and start anew only to run out of steam before I get too far. My plotting skills are lacking even though I read everything I can find on that topic.

But hope springs eternal. I actually did some writing today. Not a lot, but some. Hope it turns into a trend.

New venue for Naples concert

Symphonic Chorale of SW FL concert in Naples on March 24 will be held at Moorings Presbyterian Church instead of Gulf Coast High School as planned. Collier County School District threw up so many road blocks that we had to go elsewhere. Not an easy feat to accomplish at nearly the last minute. Our Artistic Director Tim McDonnell must have done some fancy talking or maybe the church just felt sorry for us.  Regardless, I am feeling calmer. Now back to my publicizing efforts.